Release Notes

Version 1.3f
Access 2000
- based version

  1. Silent Partner is now based on Access 2000. This was necessary because of the increased complexity of some of the forms. The Incident Report is now able to match the latest version in use at OCSO due to the larger capacity of this version of Access. Downside: the new download is quite a bit larger. Good thing we all have high speed internet connections.
  2. The "You need a case number or the report will be deleted" message was changed so that it only appears once per Silent Partner session. Much less annoying now. We're all big boys and girls, right?

Version 1.3e
This was a short-lived update in place while v1.3f was being developed. Its main difference was the Charging Affidavit. This and the other changes are listed below.

  1. Modified Charging Affidavit and Notice To Appear charge areas as required by OCSO.
  2. Added a new "Employee Number" field to all forms that formerly required only the officer's name key. This field provides a location for the 6-digit OCSO employee number. The software will request this information from you only if you are an OCSO officer:
    1. Upon upgrading to the new version
    2. Whenever a KEY.FIL is read in that does not contain the new field.

    If you are from another agency this space will be "DEMO" if you are using the Demo version. It will be empty if you are a registered user.

  3. The latest JIT statute table (01.25.2001) was implemented (contains 2403 entries) and the old CITY/CNTY charges were removed so that only the JIT table is listed when users search for statutes.
  4. A routine was added to update the existing data file so no old data is lost.
  5. The "Make Upper Case" option in the User Options screen was changed so that it applies to text typed in the narrative as well as the text inserted by pressing the auto-elements buttons (Firearm, Cannabis, etc.). Previous versions had no effect on typed text by design. This behavior was changed as the result of a user suggestion.

Version 1.3d
This is a minor enhancement that corrects several user information handling issues. There are also 3 other minor changes. If your user information does not have any of the following features or if the 3 additional changes do not affect you then you have no reason to upgrade to 1.3d.

Specifically, v1.3d treats the following user information 'exceptions' correctly:

  1. Users who do not use a middle initial. (John Smith)
  2. Users with key numbers longer than 4 digits (10754)
  3. Users with non-alphabetic characters in their last name (O'Neill)
  4. Users with sector assignments longer than 1 character (SE/AM)

Version 1.3d also includes a few minor operational changes:

  1. When reviewing records 'printed to disk' the fields are enabled so you can copy the data to the clipboard for easier transfer into other applications.
  2. The API is used to determine the Windows directory as necessary.
  3. Tweaked the splash screen graphic - it's background color was slightly off.

Version 1.3
This is an extensive upgrade to the existing product. There are about 98 changes from version 1.2, some of them quite revolutionary. Version 1.3 has vastly improved form-to-form navigation and more flexible searching and batch printing capabilities. Data linking among the various forms has been completed. There were some requests to pull information to the Witness Form but as of this version the Witness form only gets the Defendant Names from other forms; it is used as a lookup source for Page One and the Supplement. Please refer to the revision history below for a detailed list of the various changes and enhancements.

The two following files are identical in content, they only differ in file format.

Revision History as of v1.3d:

revision.xls 8/25/99 version, Excel v3.0 - 26.20KB  (26,827 bytes)
revision.txt 8/25/99 version, Text -  32.12KB  (32,886 bytes)

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November 15, 2001 08:30 AM.