New lookup data file - implements 10/23/2003 JIT Statute Table

Download this file, replacing the existing file in your Silent Partner program folder. This should be c:\ocso or c:\spartner depending on your installation.

Download splookup.mdb into your c:\ocso or c:\spartner folder, replacing the existing version.
The file is 448.00KB (458752 bytes).

To confirm the proper statute list you can do an empty statute search in the Incident Report, Charging Affidavit, etc.
You will see 2581 statutes listed with the 10/23/2003 JIT statute table.

Additional JIT Statute table versions:

Try for a web-based statute search of the latest version.
Use to get the entire statute table in HTML format exactly as if you had performed a blank search at the statute search site above.

Silent Partner v1.3i Download

If you have a previous version of Silent Partner installed on your computer the existing data will be preserved on your machine. You will not lose existing report data. BUT: ** Please peruse the Training Notes section below for some issues raised by this feature **.

v1.3i Changes as of 8/23/2002

  1. Added a Report / Change Case Number menu item to allow changing the Case Number when on a linked narrative. This was necessary because case number editing is disabled when in a linked narrative.
  2. Modified the Incident Report Page One form to make it slightly smaller for better compatibility when using a generic LaserJet II print driver.
  3. Updated the setup package to work correctly with Windows XP
  4. Updated the setup package to contain the 03/11/2002 JIT Statute Table

v1.3h Changes from v1.3d

  1. Silent Partner is now based on Access 2000. This was necessary because of the increased complexity of some of the forms. The Incident Report is now able to match the latest version in use at OCSO due to the larger capacity of this version of Access. Downside: the new download is quite a bit larger. Good thing we all have high speed internet connections.
  2. The setup program places a "Silent Partner Compact" shortcut into the Startup group which compacts the application for optimized performance.
  3. The "You need a case number or the report will be deleted" message was changed so that it only appears once per Silent Partner session. Much less annoying now. We're all big boys and girls, right?
  4. Modified Charging Affidavit and Notice To Appear charge areas as required by OCSO.
  5. Added a new "Employee Number" field to all forms that formerly required only the officer's name key. This field provides a location for the 6-digit OCSO employee number. The software will request this information from you only if you are an OCSO officer:
    1. Upon upgrading to the new version
    2. Whenever a KEY.FIL is read in that does not contain the new field.
    If you are from another agency this space will be "DEMO" if you are using the Demo version. It will be empty if you are a registered user.
  6. The latest JIT statute table (2001.05.21) was implemented (contains 2417 entries) and the old CITY/CNTY charges were removed so that only the JIT table is listed when users search for statutes.
  7. A routine was added to update existing data file so no old data is lost. ** Please peruse the Training Notes section below for some issues raised by this feature **
  8. The "Make Upper Case" option in the User Options screen was changed so that it applies to text typed in the narrative as well as the text inserted by pressing the auto-elements buttons (Firearm, Cannabis, etc.). Previous versions had no effect on typed text by design. This behavior was changed as the result of a user suggestion.
  9. Editing of the Case Number on the Incident Report, Charging Affidavit and Notice To Appear is disabled when in you are in a linked report. See the Help file for more information on linked report issues.

Training Notes

This version of Silent Partner has several new fields, most of which are located in the Charging Affidavit and Notice To Appear because of the additional charge spaces. There are also new checkboxes on the Charging Affidavit below the Co-Defendant area. After  the application automatically updates the data it will of course be possible for you to view your existing reports along with any new ones created with this new version. There are two main issues that you should be made aware of with this functionality:

  1. The narratives are stored in memo fields. Potentially an entire narrative could be stored in the memo field on the first page of a report. Because of space limitations on the paper forms Silent Partner redistributes the narrative across additional Supplemental pages as necessary depending on the length of the original narrative. Examine the following example of a 50-line narrative...

    Suppose you typed 50 lines of text in the narrative of the Charging Affidavit. When you press [DONE] in the Narrative Dialog box, Silent Partner v1.4d split this long narrative into the memo fields of the Charging Affidavit (14 lines) and a Continuation Of form (36 remaining lines), yielding the following two-page report...

    v1.3d Charging Affidavit (first page)

    Narrative area contains the first 14 lines of the original narrative.

    Continuation Of (second page)

    Narrative area contains the remaining 36 lines of the original narrative.

    Now you upgrade to v1.3g and suddenly the Charging Affidavit only displays 7 lines of narrative text because of the reduced real estate on the form due to the extra fields. Note that the original 14 lines worth of text are still stored in the database, they are just not visible in the smaller narrative "window". 

    v1.3h Charging Affidavit (first page)

    Narrative area still contains the first 14 lines of the original narrative but only the first first 7 are visible because of the smaller narrative area available on the form. Lines 8 through 14 are neither visible onscreen nor printed. Bummer.

    Continuation Of (second page)

    Narrative area contains the remaining 36 lines of the original narrative.

    This would obviously cause problems when you tried to print the old report in the new version because 7 lines of narrative would be "lost" because of the new form layout. This situation also exists with the Notice To Appear.

    Solution: If you wish to print old reports using the new forms, you should go to the first page of the report and enter the narrative space. The entire 50 line narrative will be displayed in the Narrative Dialog as usual. Hit the [DONE] button and the narrative will be recalculated and as a result the first 7 lines of the narrative will be on the Charging Affidavit and the remaining 43 lines will go to the Continuation Of page. This is simple but critical when printing old reports in the new version.

  2. The new Charging Affidavit and Notice To Appear charge spaces function differently because of new county requirements. ELI was requested to disable editing of the charge text except under limited circumstances in order to assure that the statutes printed on these affidavits were valid statutes drawn from the official JIT statute table. As a result there now exists an "Override" checkbox next to each charge. If you wish to enter a charge that is not in the JIT table you must check the Override checkbox for that charge and then you can edit the text area freely as in the previous versions of Silent Partner.

    After upgrading to the new data format the pre-existing charge text and statute numbers are retained and we now have checkboxes next to the previously entered charge data. It is impossible to determine whether or not the pre-existing charges were typed in by you manually or if they were taken from the old charge table. The point is moot  anyway because the JIT table has changed; any charges that exist in the older forms could very well be invalid. The forms created in earlier versions of Silent Partner would probably therefore have limited value except as a reference for the officers who wrote the report originally. 

    Solution: If the forms have not been printed yet you should go through the charges on your reports and replace the old charge data with new data from the latest JIT table. We recommend that you copy the old statute number to the clipboard and then double-click the charge text area. This will erase the existing charge and bring up the Charge Search dialog as before. If you paste the statute number into the appropriate text area on the search form you will be able to find the "official new statute" that would correspond to the charge you were using before the software update, thus assuring that the charges submitted with the report are valid charges.

Silent Partner v1.3i Patch for v1.3f or later:

This file will update the existing c:\ocso\spartner.mde file. This is the main application for the new Access 2000 based Silent Partner.

Silent Partner v1.3i ELI Patch.exe - 989.00KB (1,012,736 bytes)

** NOTE:  DO NOT USE THIS UPGRADE FOR VERSIONS OF SILENT PARTNER EARLIER THAN V1.3F. Download the complete install below to upgrade older versions of Silent Partner. **

Silent Partner v1.3i Complete install - Demo:

Note that the complete install is a total of about 45 MB. If you are an existing registered user your current user information will be read into this version when you install over the old Silent Partner. 

Download a single large file:
  1. Click this link and save the file to your hard drive:
    Setup.exe - 44,809.89KB (45,885,326 bytes)
  2. Run the newly downloaded Setup.exe program.
  3. The default install directory is c:\ocso. Change this if necessary to point to the directory of your current Silent Partner installation.

Your installation will be fully functional except that the user information will be "DEMO" if you are not a registered user. Log on as "ocso" and use password "ocso" (password must be lower case) to run the demo.

In order to personalize the software with your name and rank information you need to contact us and purchase a user license for the software. We will send you a key file via e-mail or snail mail that will change the registration information. If you send an email message to you will receive an automated reply within a few seconds containing purchase information and a list of the data we need to generate your key file. 

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