Silent Partner is a Windows software package initially designed to be used by an individual officer on a laptop computer in the patrol car. The software has been tested and runs properly in all 32-bit Windows“ operating systems, including 95, 98, Me, NT4 and 2000 Professional. It helps automate two tasks common to law enforcement personnel:
    1. Monthly Activity Tracking
    2. Report Writing

Monthly Activity Tracking
Many departments require officers to turn in monthly activity reports that show the officer's stats for calls dispatched, arrests made, citations issued, etc. The individual officer often keeps a notepad with the data and manually compiles it at the end of the month. Silent Partner's Dispatch Log enables the officer to enter each call as it is received and then enter various information about the call for future reference. A Monthly Activity Summary is generated from the Dispatch Log without the officer having to manually tabulate the information. In addition, call statistics may be viewed in chart form for a graphical representation.

Report Writing
Often when a report must be written, it requires the officer to enter redundant information on several different forms. If a mistake is made, the form is torn up and must be redone. In addition, since the forms typically use multi-part paper, there have been incidents of actual physical disability arising from the sheer effort of near-continuous writing for those who do several reports a day. Silent Partner gives the officer an onscreen duplicate of the existing paper form, so it is extremely intuitive to use. It ties a report together by Case Number so that when a new page is started any applicable information is pre-filled from previous forms (i.e. Defendant information or narrative text). In addition, any data that can be pre-defined is supplied in the form of drop-down boxes, such as wrecker companies, FDLE-defined entries (hair color, eye color, etc.) and road designator (BLVD, PKWY, etc.). A searchable Florida State Statute table enables the officer to quickly find the appropriate statute and then enters the Statute and Statute Number on the appropriate places on the form. When entering narrative information on a report, local jurisdictions often require very specific wording for documenting possession of drugs or firearms, making a DUI arrest , etc. and Silent Partner allows the officer to simply hit a button on the narrative form to instantly put the appropriate language in the narrative for further editing as necessary.

Silent Partner -

Easy activity tracking
Intelligent form filling
Fast monthly reporting

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